Cruick Luxus Pro - Ultra Premium Leather Camera Strap - British Oxblood

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Cruick’s take on classic Oxblood tone. Our hand-rubbed British Oxblood is has a subtle blush of red to it, just enough to be different.

  • 401 days in the making. Cornish cowhide from strength selected cuts of the hide, are vegetable-tanned by Thomas Ware & Sons for ‘a year and a day’, and fully made in the Cruick workshop in 21 stages over 35 days.
  • Secured with anvil hammered, patina ready, solid copper rivets. Forged in the UK under Royal Warrant.
  • 304 solid steel split rings for universal mounting on all ring-lug style strap mounts.
  • A range of lengths for the luxury of a custom fit fixed length camera strap without the extra bulk of adjustment systems.‡
  • Raw, undyed, hand-napped reverse side to reduce any risk of dye transfer to clothing.
  • Hand-bevelled comfort edges on the stylishly tapered 45mm (1.77”) wide neck panel.
  • As tough as they come. For camera rigs up to 4.5kg (9.9lbs). Load tested far far higher.
  • Ring-lug scratch bumpers to protect camera body.
  • Lifetime engineered. With a little aniline leather balm from time to time, your Cruick Luxus Pro will last indefinitely and outlast many cameras. You’ll never need another strap.
  • Finely presented. A raw cotton bag inside a gold embossed, magnetic clasp, presentation box. Each Luxus Pro strap comes with a hand-signed quality control and information card with native speaker German, French, Italian and Spanish translations.
  • Designed and made in England by Grant Cruick, with the finest British origin, heritage materials.

*Like any load good bearing veg-tan leather that you need to rely on, your strap will arrive on day one showing its strength out of the box. Like a pair of expensive leather shoes, it will take a couple uses to naturally break in your strap to feel like it was custom made to fit you and your camera. The strap will age beautifully and become fantastically soft with use.  
Please measure your existing strap carefully prior to purchase to select the perfect fixed length for you. Only one strap is available for purchase per customer. To avoid length issues, measure twice, order once.

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