If the Cruick workshop designs and makes the products, can you do custom work?

Sorry, we wish we could, but we can’t offer custom work to customers due to manpower. It’s a small workshop with few hands, and all time is spent developing ideas and executing existing designs. That being said, with straps in a range of fixed length sizes and unique colourways, you can still get something very unique to your desired look and fit.

Why don’t you offer shipping to my country?

As a small workshop we have to take care to protect ourselves against orders from locations with a higher statistical incidence of fraud and we’re really really sorry when that impacts someone genuine. We know the vast majority of people on our spinning rock are amazing, but the bad apples sometimes spoil the party.

If you want us to review our shipping policy to your country, please email us on the contact form linked at the bottom of the page and make a request that we look into our shipping policy on your country in greater depth. If we think we’ve got it wrong the first time after looking at it again we’ll put things right.

I like the free global shipping, can you also declare a lower value on the export documents?

We're sorry but we absolutely can’t, no matter how nicely or persistently we’re asked. The customer will be entirely responsible for all charges, taxes and duties relating to the importing country’s jurisdiction and customs laws. We highly recommend that you familiarise yourself with your country’s laws regarding import and what additional costs you may or may not have to pay.

We cannot illegally falsify value declarations of our goods on export documents. Goods cannot be declared as ‘gift’ or as a lesser value. All orders will always be correctly declared.  

Do you have any sales planned or coupon codes?

There is an extreme amount of effort, time and cost in the production of our designs. Keeping our pricing at normal and consistent levels allows Cruick to be a viable business. We also believe it is really frustrating for customers to buy a premium product and then see it discounted at a later date, it's not the way we want to treat our customers.

We don't plan on offering coupons or introducing sales anytime soon. However, we may well offer competitions for our community so you should definitely accept push notifications from our site, signup to the newsletter and follow on social media so you can take part. 

Are Cruick camera straps genuinely British sourced and made?

We’d say we’re as British as tea, but since tea leaves aren’t normally grown in the UK, we’re much more British than tea. We’re as British as queuing and complaining about the weather. We’re absolutely British sourced and made without any shortcuts.

Are Cruick products environmentally friendly?

Absolutely as kind as its possible to be. The tanning process for Thomas Ware & Sons is a traditional vegetable tannage mainly using Oak, Mimosa, Chestnut and Quebrancho barks, water and time without the harsh chemicals involved in chrome tanning. Once the leather is in the Cruick workshop only 2 out of the 21 steps to make a Cruick strap even use electricity. When our work leaves us, it leaves mainly in cardboard and cotton, with plastic wrapping as minimal as possible. Please recycle your Cruick packaging.

Is your leather ethical?

Thomas Ware & Sons can trace all of the skins they tan back to their origin farms ensuring only British and European standards of animal welfare are observed. Furthermore, as Thomas Ware & Sons are tanners of cowhide, the hide of the animal is a by-product of the livestock industry and not reared primarily for leather production.

My religion prevents me from touching and using any products made of pigskin. Are Cruick products definitely only cowhide leather?

We only use cowhide leather (bovine) on our current products. In the future, we may offer new products in leathers from other animal sources. However, we will never use pigskin in any of our products, now or in the future, in order to respect the religious practices of some of our customers.